Corridor Landscapes

The expression of the intimate relationship we develop with our own private space is something that I’ve been thinking more about while working and spending most of my hours in my home during Covid-19. Mary Nohl’s ceramics, particularly the ones of figures within staircases and walls, feel like a true expression of this feeling, when the stairs and walls seep into our own bodies. All 4 of my miniature sculptures express perspectives of the walls and corridors in my home. I wanted to relieve my relationship to these stair and wall lines and angles, especially during a time of interacting with these spaces only. The miniature forms needed to interact with the outside light and lines. I was very curious where the lines of my apartment would intersect with lines of greenery, pavement, brick, and wood. These sculptures were also made to express my adoration of Midwestern grottoes. I chose colors and compositions from the Wegner, Redemption, and Dickeyville grottoes, while also attempting to shape the clay by hand in a rocky, textured way and encrusting places with buttons to serve in place of glass.