Photographer: Isabella Blewett-Raby, Model: Isabel Owen

three sleep


Once the lights go off and the night begins to creep in, a child’s bedroom transforms from familiar and playful into a space where every creak of a floorboard or flash of a light stirs the imagination and lets nightmares run wild. Now, I can chuckle at the things I once found menacing, all the things that lurked in the closet or under the bed, once believed to be fingers reaching out to grab. Certain nightmares seem to stick with me stronger than a memory of something that actually happened. I use the imagery from my scary bedroom to create forms and growths that break through the cushions and comfort of a bed and begin to crawl from a nightmare into reality, while being simultaneously very creepy but very goofy and ridiculous.

Photographer : Isabella Blewett-Raby

Model : Isabel Owen